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2 Best Treatment For strong hair 2018

For strong hair

Essential Oil Massage

The mystical important oils are medicinal and assist improve your hair follicles and repair vulnerable strands from withinwhen you have been seeking out the way to get thicker hair, do that vital oil mix, which additionally stimulates hair growth.

What You want
• four teaspoons of grapeseed oil
• 2 drops of thyme crucial oil
• 2 drops of cedarwood critical oil
• 1/2 teaspoon of jojoba oil
• 3 drops of lavender critical oil
• 3 drops of rosemary vital oil


1. mix all of the oils and gently rubdown the mixture onto your scalp. cowl your hair from the roots to              the hints within the oil.
2. cowl your head with a warm towel for 10 mins.
    three. Rinse with shampoo.

Eggs Or Milk

Eggs and milk are both rich assets of protein. They nourish your hair, giving it substance and increasing its tensile strength.

What You want• 2-3 tablespoons of full-fat milk (relying on the length of your hair)


• 1-2 eggs (relying at the period of your hair)

1. Soak your hair in full-fat milk for round two to 3 hours. as a substitute, take an egg and whip it nicelyobserve it to yourhair and depart it on for about two hours.
2. Rinse your hair very well after the treatment. You do no longer want to use conditioner.

do this two times every week for nice effects.
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